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THe Floating Plant pot

levitate your mood

Watch your plants as they float up in the air! Add to the already therapeutic benefits of your plants by integrating them into little artwork for your desk

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Why we're different

This is about you

A boring space just kills your vibes.

That's why we founded Vibey Essentials. With the goal helping you create the space you can thrive in.

Instead of offering a huge unoriginal collection, we carefully design unique products that give you the vibes every time you use them because we believe there should always be small things in your every day life to look forward to.

We seek to create the extraordinary from products you already use in your every day life, combining maximum functionality with designs you guaranteed never seen before.

Spice up your space with items that actually excite you!

Vibe up your life!

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HumidiFire™ - Live the vibey life

diffusing anxiety

Kick back. Take advantage of the benefits that come with sensory enabling technology and sweet scents of diffusing oils, hush those nerves with the use of aromatherapy, and put your mind at ease!

enabling sleep

We all know the woes that come with a lack of sleep, we get cranky and irritable. Combining the soft apricot-like glow and enchanting fragrances, the HumidiFire is the guaranteed to enable deep, well deserved sleep!

hydrate your skin

The antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties in diffusing oils, and the HumidiFire's ultrasonic vibrations, communicate to generate the luminescent flame of mist to ensure safe skin hydration efficiently!

the gift of giving

Thanks to its design, the HumidiFire™ can be integrated anywhere, whether its in your workspace or on your bedside table, making it the ideal gift for every lifestyle! Gift your loved ones the vibe kick they need in their life!

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Next generation

air diffuser

The HumidiFire™ uses ultrasonic vibrations to create blaze of mist, built with premium material to ensure durability. This unique eye-catcher brings style, health and most importantly good vibes to your home!


the all in one

The HumidiFire™ is a statement piece that will elevate any space and give rise to the oasis in your home! Get cozy campfire vibes while enjoying all the mental and physical benefits of aromatherapy, diffusing oils and sensory activation. Feel your aura shine!

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better sleep

Taking advantage of the combination of fresh air, aromatherapy and diffusing oils, The HumidiFire™ conditions your brain to relax and creates the ideal environment to improve quality of sleep. Dont worry about leaving it on at night too, we've got that covered with the automatic power off function.

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Did you know viruses thrive in a dry environment? The HumidiFire™ creates the ideal humidity level in your room, which will stop the spread of viruses through the air and enhance the body’s ability to fight infections. Whether it be the common cold or influenza. Our device is designed to protect YOU and YOUR health at all times!

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Stay hydrated

Drinking water is always a good idea but when it comes to a healthy home atmosphere, the HumidiFire™ will be the best option. By providing moisture for the air in your room, it creates ideal conditions to vibe, soothing and preventing dry skin.

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Our promise

You are what makes us great! And because of that, our main priority is giving you the best experience possible! So let's enjoy the journey to a vibey life together!

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